Tuesday, July 1, 2014

To see or not to see

We knew this day would come. It should have come a lot sooner, if we’d have been better parents. My awesome son, Noah, picks up his first pair of glasses today. When I was in the 2nd grade I got my first pair. Eric got his in the first grade. We thought waiting until the 5th grade to have Noah’s eyes checked was a good plan of denial. If we didn’t KNOW he was blind…well then he really wasn’t. Right? Yeah, no. The good news is that he isn’t so much “blind” as his eyes are at different powers. One eye is 20/25, not bad. The other is at 20/40, still not too bad. But the difference between the two is the problem. He is struggling to make his eyes focus. In standard Noah fashion, he has taken it all in stride. He likes his glasses and they make him look about 14…Mama doesn’t like that part. So without further ado…