Saturday, May 16, 2015

Huntsville Botanical Gardens Lego Exhibit Road Trip

Two words: in love. What an incredible day with fantastic friends! Williamsons, Millers, and Hintons road trip! Strangely, I didn’t get a picture with or of Heather…we were both chasing littles I guess. Anyhoo, these gardens are A-mazing!  The giant Lego exhibits just make them better! Strangely, the hammocks were the highlight of the trip. Can’t wait to go back!

The butterfly house was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed themselves there. Hope was excited about all the butterfly benches and wanted several pictures on all of them. The clipboards have a scavenger hunt worksheet that all the kids did and enjoyed. Thus allowing me to call this a homeschool day. Score!

The Hammocks

I believe these are the best kept secret in Huntsville. Tired, hot, and full from lunch we rounded a corner and saw a grove of trees in the distance laden with hammocks! At roughly a dozen, these hammocks provided us with literally hours of entertainment. The mama’s rested (mostly) while the kids went buck wild on these hammocks. Kids were screaming, falling out, swinging high, joining other kids, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. In fact, this area was such a hit, that upon our trek back to our cars, we stopped again for a little more hammock time.  Hope and I got some good cuddles in while her siblings were thrill seeking on their own hammocks. Here is both my outward view and my upward view. Both uniquely different but fabulously gorgeous. If I had a day just for Eric and I to relax and do nothing in particular, I’d drive to Huntsville and pay our entrance fee just to swing all day in these puppies. D-ivine.

hbot lego 1hbot lego 2hbot butterfly houseNikkis flowersH-bot gnomeshbot hammock 1hbot hammock 2Hbot scenicH-bot

Friday, May 15, 2015


The end of school year party was bowling & pizza. While I was running back and forth from Lane 9 to Lane 18, the girls were having a blast bowling for the first time. I didn’t think they would be able to lift the 6 pound bowling balls but they kept stuggling them to the line and pushing them down. While Eden’s ball could get to the pins fairly easy, Hope’s ball went the speed of snail. Once, it actually stopped on the lane and the guy had to come to push it again for her. After bowling they all went back to school for a pizza party. Eden ate two pieces, Hope fasted. However, a good time was had by all. I think the Kid’s Bowl Free at Vestavia Lanes, might be a big hit this summer. The pictures of the girls in front of the black counter crack me up because they each wanted a turn posing near the bowling ball. 

bowlarama 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Faces of History 2015

2015 FOH 1

Luke: Benjamin Franklin
Lexi: Daniel Boone
Caden: Paul Revere
Noah: William Clark (Lewis & Clark)
McKaime: Sacagawea
Mark: Abraham Lincoln
Hayden: Andrew Carnegie
Andrew: John D. Rockafeller
Talyor: Annie Oakley
Logan: Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Nina: Amelia Earheart
Darcy: Jackie Kennedy (not pictured)

FOH The Boys w Nikki

These three young men represented their faces of history personalities beautifully. Capturing their spirit, these young men entranced us all with the compassion and brilliance of these amazing Americans. These three historic figures were certainly awe inspiring and their presenters did them justice. So very proud of these Gentlemen.

FOH The Boys 1

Courageous, brave, and brilliant American’s were represented by these incredible young men. Each had a passion for the personality they were presenting and it showed. These guys made us so proud. Their papers, presentations, and displays were done with excellence. Great job guys!

FOH The Girls

No namby-pamby, fragile, weak women in this group! Our young ladies represented four brave and spirited Americans who who made major contributions to our country’s history. So proud of these young women they did an excellent job on their papers, presentations, and representations.

Praying for China Mama this Mother’s Day

mothers day reminder