Sunday, October 12, 2014


Eden gorgeous


yaya gorgeous


Noah handsome

Are you there blog? It’s me Angie…

First, does anyone get that reference right up there in the title? If so, you are my people. If not, I still love you.

Blog? What blog? I have a blog?! Life moves at a rapid pace, it is hard for me to keep up…blah, blah, blah, blah. Who really cares why I haven’t put fingers to keyboard. If I am being totally honest, I just haven’t had the desire to blog. Possibly because, life is too fast, and frankly I am too overwhelmed by it most days to want to rehash it out on the blog. Years from now, I’ll be all sad that I didn’t keep up with all the memories. Ummm, no. No I won’t.  All this to say, “Hello blog, it’s me Angie.” Perhaps I will stay and chat for awhile.

So yeah… Yaya turned 4. We partied. Woot! Different blog post, different time. We went to Atlanta to see the rockin’ awesome speech pathologist, Dr. Riski,  in July. It rocked and we got a new speech game plan. Returning home, God put us in touch with a different speech therapist, this time at Children’s Hospital. It was a miracle we got in. Thank you Jesus. With the new speech approach Yaya is making much progress. However, her palate is still 3 mm too short and will require surgery. Another nasal endoscopy is in her future…this Thursday, in fact. Pray hard. She has to comply with the scope or we wait…again…six more months.

Summer school for the girls was wonderful. Yaya was able to stay with our beloved Ms. Mary and Eden was in Ms. Myra’s class. Transitioning, Eden was a bit nervous. However, Ms. Myra is a wonderful soul and Eden really enjoyed her. As luck would have it, Eden would also get her in the fall. Real school started in August and the girls are in separate classes. While we know this was a good decision on our part, the girls don’t agree. They have both requested to be together again in Kindergarten. Who knew?! Their teachers are perfect for the specific girl each are teaching. Yaya has Ms. Sheri, while Eden as you already know, has Ms. Myra again. Going five days a week, tires the girls out by Friday, but it has allowed Noah and I to have a more productive week. I didn’t take any work on Fridays, so Noah and I gained a day of school together.

We love homeschool! Everyone should be this lucky. I am tutoring Noah’s Foundation class at C.C. this year and it is a blast!! Our class is wonderful. I adore the kids! Saying that I was stressed out at the beginning of the year would be an understatement, but now I’ve pretty much got a groove and I really enjoy tutoring the class. Noah is doing stellar this year in school. Proud doesn’t even touch it! Because last year was such a grind I was apprehensive about this year, however, it has been super. Essentials (Noah’s grammar and stylistic writing class) is a breeze this year! Who knew! He actually learned something in all my mania about this class last year! Also, last year, math made us both want to gouge our eyes out, but this year we are breezing through it and enjoying ourselves. All in all the education front for all our kiddos is wonderful.

Being out of commission most of the summer was hard not only me but the entire family, including my parents. We would not have survived my ankle surgery with out them. Also, without my C.C. community of Mama’s life would have been pretty miserable for Noah. Really they are our family now, not just a community. Truly they saved summer for Noah. Any time someone was going to the pool or doing something cool, they would drop by and get Noah.  Lord, pour out your blessings on these amazing families!

I have just been released from physical therapy and I am so thankful. Although I loved going, our schedule and bank account just can’t accommodate PT anymore. With Yaya doing speech 3 days a week, and one of those days is downtown Birmingham, our calendar fills up fast. Plus, at any given time, someone is either in a doctor’s office for some bizarre condition, or in surgery or in therapy. Oh I forgot to mention Eden’s surgery this summer! Adenoids ripped out. Why? Well, to prevent ear infections since her eardrum ruptured. You can imagine how pleased we are that Eden has had an ear infection since two weeks AFTER her surgery to prevent them! Nice. We cannot shake this freaky ear infection, it is going on 5 weeks now! Just this past week we had to take her to the ENT to get her ear vacuumed out…yes, it is as awful as it sounds! Well not really, it didn’t hurt but it was scary and loud. She screamed like a banshee for her father. On the up side, while there Yaya got to see the atomizer that will numb her nose for the endoscopy and she got to hold and check out an adult scope. (She will have an infant scope for her procedure.) But that was nothing compared to the freaky fever virus Eden caught that culminated in an all over body rash. And let’s not forget the smokers cough and cold symptoms that have accompanied that. Lest I forget and leave the medical realm…Eden also had an MRI this summer. Talk about a nightmare, don’t even get me started. All is well with the MRI so I’m not even going into it.  We just like to give all our money away to doctors. We think they are so cool.

Big news for Eric…he turned 40!  That is also a separate post, but we had an 80’s themed party and it was awesome! He is however, falling apart now which is not as awesome, but it cracks me up, so that is all that really matters. Welcome to my world honey! So….Looking into the future, I see; a nasal endoscopy, Halloween, perhaps another surgery for Yaya, Thanksgiving, Eden’s 5th Frozen birthday party and Christmas. Nothing major. Why does it feel as if I am rocketing out of control to the end of this year?