Friday, September 18, 2015

Jasmine Gardens Field Trip

Jasmine Gardens field trip! Wetumpka, AL, is the last place on would expect to find gardens filled with replicas of famous Grecian art. But that was our destination today. Driving down south, several families wound their way to the gardens. Sherry and her crew were the first to arrive, yay Sherry! Next followed Dori’s posse, Sarah’s gang and finally Nikki and I tore in on two wheels, dead last. After and intense debate over pricing with the owners we were permitted in the gardens. To ease some tension before our introductory speech regarding the art around us, I had the kids sing their Greek/Roman gods history sentence to the owner, Mr. Jim. He was both surprised and pleased I think. At any rate, off we went with scavenger hunt papers in hand. The kids had a delightful time looking at all the sculptures, fish ponds, flora, and fauna, especially the giant butterflies and grasshoppers. The replicas of the ruins of Hera’s Temple, was the most impressive feature by far. Several children posed on the broken pillars while the rest looked for fish in the lily pad pond. Fun!

jasmine 1

I’m sure I saw Eden riding on this bug! It was huge! After Noah held it, Elle was next. Everyone else just took pictures and marveled at God’s creation.

project-life (2)

The gardens were beautiful. There were so many trails and passages it made me wonder if we missed seeing some secret treasure. The kids particularly enjoyed feeding the fish and completing the scavenger hunt. Also, I was impressed how quickly the kids, specifically the boys, composed themselves after being introduced to the first, full-scale, anatomically correct, naked statue. They barely giggled as Jim explained why all the statues were without clothing. Way to go guys! Proud of you! You rock!

project-life (3)

Check out these life-like, fully clothed, Grecian statues! Ironically, I took no pictures of any human statues, just the lions. One would think I’d have captured more art considering the purpose of our trip. Oh well.

project-life (4)

This is my favorite picture of the day. We totally look like the 3 goddesses statue behind us. Only there are 5 of us, we aren’t scantily clad, and we are totally hotter…I mean it was seriously hot by this time. Whew! Bwah ha ha! I’m so blessed by God’s provision it staggers my mind sometimes. Not only do I have an incredible family of my own, I have this outstanding family of believers to do life with. You all warm my soul.

Hope vs. Pavement: 0:1

Hope vs. Dehydration: 0:1

Iris vs. Tree: 0:1

Other than skinned up appendages, a near passing out, and an almost broken nose. Things were great! Thanks Dori!

project-life (5)

And here are a few more of my favorite pics from the day. All the girls together. Mamas taking selfies. Nikki, raaaarrrrhh! Sweet Eden. Superb Day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Eden’s Surgery

She did super transitioning to the OR for her ear surgery today. No tears or anxiety. Well, maybe a little, but she didn’t show it…and neither did Mama. Praise you Jesus! Doing a bit of Minecraft before surgery, she was in the zone. We attribute the smooth transition to Jesus (and a little bit of Minecraft…Creepers gonna creep.) 


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We Are Outta Here–Surgery Update

The Lord is so faithful to our family and this incredible girl. When Hope’s surgery was completed her doctor came to speak to us. He was extremely confident that this would be her last palate revision. While he couldn’t “promise” that, he was very confident, much like he was with her lip repair. Interestingly, the doctor said that her palate was, “not where I left it last time.” Instead of staying where he put it in her last surgery for some bizarre reason it pulled back up. The best way to describe what happened with her soft palate is with the analogy of pulling down a window shade. Think, if you will of pulling down a window shade in terms of thirds. In December he had it pulled all the way down 3/3. But as she healed for some unknown reason, the shade pulled it self back up to about 2/3. Then scar tissue formed all around it and this is why she was still struggling with clear speech. SO, he removed all the scar tissue, pulled the shade down and pinned it there in several places to ensure it wouldn’t roll back up. Clear as mud?

Everyone remarked at how calm Hope was and downright pleasant through the entire process. Dr. Grant told us that even he went and asked her if they gave her some medicine (versaid) before coming to surgery. Nope we didn’t. She was just ready and confident in all that we told her would happen. We are so proud of her. They gave her some morphine as she was waking up and then we got some more a couple hours later around 6:00 pm. She didn’t have ANY pain meds all night and it wasn’t until about 8:30 am, that we decided to give her some meds only to help her to eat and drink. She reports no pain. Anywhere. Only when she swallows liquid or pudding. We want her to eat and drink, hence our reason for giving her something. We will go home with a light loritab concoction (which she had this morning). But when she starts to get food on her tummy we will switch to Ibuprofen. Daddy is super tired from staying the night with her. We are headed home now!She is doing so great. We are so proud of her and we are looking with much anticipation for the change she has so longed for. Thank you for all your prayers.