Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween 2013

For the 3rd year now we have had our dear friends, the Fosters, celebrate Halloween with us. Their son Nicholas is beloved by our clan. We also added the Edingtons to our party this year. So. Much. Fun. It rained though and by the end of the evening we had our minivan full of 6 adults, 5 children and a stroller.  (We took out all the seats.) Eden enjoyed having me take her picture, hence the many photos shown here. Yaya discovered her fondness for Hershey bars. Playing the Wii, was just as fun as “trick or treating” for Noah and Nicholas. Much fun was had by all.

halloween night

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Parades, Pumpkins, & Parties


This was a big day for the for the girls at their preschool! It was the Halloween Parade! Sporting their favorite costumes all the children paraded around the parking lot twice. While waiting for the parade to begin, Mommy, Daddy, and Noah discussed if the girls would actually continue the parade route after spotting us. We waited. We wondered. We wowed! Spying us first, Yaya broke ranks and ran to Daddy. However, Ms. Mary her teacher, called her back to the line and she happily went. Eden seemed anxious and didn’t like the sun in her eyes, but she had a smile on her face. Slowly shuffling around the parking lot the entire school was decked out and looked amazing. We were extremely proud of the girls.

Halloween Parade 1 copyHalloween Parade 2 copy


Bling’ing out your pumpkin is super fun! Just ask my girls. The top two pumpkins (Eden’s then Yaya’s) were made at preschool. I had thought we would carve our family pumpkins like normal. Interestingly, we did not. Favoring glue and hands on activity the girls instead “decorated” their own pumpkins. We bought a bunch of gems and googlie eyes and masterpieces were created. Yaya’s is the middle row and Eden’s is the bottom. Noah bought a pumpkin but did nothing with it. Pumpkins have never really been his thing. Viva la BLING!

Pumpkin Bling 1 copy

Preschool Party!

Partying preschool style! We had a fun time at the girls Halloween party. The room was decorated so cute, the green and purple spiders you see with the girls names on them were on the door, each child had a spider they made. Amazing is a good word to describe the room moms who went all out for this party. Check out the mummy juice boxes and the owl marshmallow graham cracker treats. Noah was able to come with me and help out with the girls. Thankful for the help, I let him craft with Yaya and then eat all her party food. Pictures had to be taken with favorite friends. The opposite page top left is Eden with Chase. Top right is Yaya with Natalie. Bottom left is Eden with Natalie (she is a popular friend, clearly). Bottom right is Yaya with Addison. While I didn’t take a picture of them, the girls were given Halloween themed canvas bags with their names on them, which were made by another mom. It was good they had them because the amount of candy that was sent in was unreal. The girls loved having Noah and I celebrate with them and we all had a fun time together. Halloween 2013

Hallo party 1Hallo party 2 copy

Monday, November 11, 2013

First World Family

Okay so this was an interesting adventure in to materialism today. I took my three children in to Toys R Us and told them to take off the shelf whatever they wanted and I’d take a picture of it. They knew that we weren’t buying ANY of it nor were we ever going to buy all of it. Eden was shopping for both Birthday and Christmas, Noah was only Christmas and we aren’t sure what Yaya was doing or why she picked up several things, likely they were green. She didn’t get into the whole “take a picture of me with a toy idea” until the very end of the trip…hence her lack of pictures. It was not for her lack of want I assure you. I somewhat cringe to post this since it is sooooooo FIRST WORLD,  but considering the amount of toys in that wretched store, I’m fairly impressed the demand wasn’t higher.  I was really amused at what they all gravitated to. Eden is very girlie, but she wants art and spy stuff too. Noah is all boy but he is fairly focused on only a few product lines. Shockingly Yaya was most interested in the stuffed animals, but otherwise is all over the board and has no clue what she is doing at a toy store.  Here is what they came up with.

Edens bday listNoahs xmas listYayas xmas list sorta