Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear Santa,


Thank you for all the wonder your inspire. I pray my children will be as dazzled with you as I was as a child. May your kindness, generosity, and joy be always alive in our hearts.
                                Love, Angie

santa 2013 page 1 copy

A tradition that I had as a child I am forcing sharing with my own children. A visit to Santa. While Yaya was not impressed and Eden was marginally terrified this year, they still loved talking about Santa and looking at Santa. The actual getting close to Santa was not their delight. But we have the pictures that captured every exciting moment, and that’s all Mommy cares wait, the joy of my children, that’s what Mommy cares about! Noah came prepared with his list this year and Santa was such a sport with Noah. He joked and played with Noah a lot! I really liked this Santa!

santa 2013 page 3

santa 2013 page 2

Post-Santa: After posing with St. Nick, we all went for cookies and water and then walked the mall. My favorite part was seeing Eden in the Lego store window standing next to the Lego figure that was as tall as she was. I also could not believe that both girls wore their Santa hats for so long! It was a fun day and we got to bring Grandma along too!

And without further ado…

eden santa final copyyaya santa final copynoah santa final copy

So many posts…so little time

Yeah so, anyone’s life racing by at light speed? Ours is. I mean, I still have Christmas posts pending…it’s 3 days away from April. Sitting here wondering if I will every catch up is causing me a mild panic attack. But then I think, whatever for? This blog is for my benefit, it is my outlet and record of our family history. However, I know others follow our little family and wonder how we are all faring. Hence, the mild panic attack. I also know that any of the 4 of you still reading this blog aren’t judging me, so I thank you for your kindness and patience. In an effort to hold myself accountable I am going to list a couple pretty cool events that I hope to be posting soon, kinda like a teaser. But don’t hold your breath or anything I don’t want you passing out while waiting, since the waiting could, as you well know, be long. Here’s to hoping!

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