Monday, December 28, 2015

Padwan Eden’s 6th Birthday Party. Jedi Training, we did.

Remember that time at Eden’s Star Wars party where she used The Force to levitate? Yeah, that was awesome. As was the entire Jedi training obstacle course that was set up that day.  Our new young Jedi recruits flipped, jumped, crawled, climbed, hopped, balanced, and swung. Training was rigorous, but paid off in the end.

Lunch Menu Jedi Training
Han Burgers, Hutt Dogs, Princess Lays, Trooper Scoopers, Separatist Salsa, Tie Fighters, Edible Ewoks, Leia Buns, Carbonite Solos, Millennium falcons, Padwan Popcorn, Jedi Juice, Vadarade

Seriously, could Eden and Taylor be more precious together in this picture? And how about Grandma and Grandpa’s girl over there? My favorite pictures tho, are of “Mutt & Jeff” in the bottom right corner. Kylie Ann and Eden are the exact same age, both born on December 17, 2009. But look at the size difference! I love how Eden is looking up at Kylie Ann, so dadgum cute!

Again this year, Eden wanted homemade cupcakes. I was super excited about the Storm Trooper marshmallow cupcake toppers. Julie sent me a food pen, the ink is edible, and I just copied the troopers helmet onto the marshmallow from a picture! Sadly, no one wanted to actually eat the marshmallows. But they were awesome to look at!

Our young Jedi’s built their own light sabers, it is a rite of passage for a Jedi. Using only wrapping paper tubes, construction paper, and tape, they build deadly weapons to use against the Dark Side!

Light Saber training was intense. But nothing could have prepared them for what awaited them. In the middle of training, who but Darth Vader himself, should appear! Jedi Noah was supposed to take on Vader alone, be slain, and have Jedi Eden avenge his death. However, this did not go as scripted. The moment the young Jedi felt a disturbance in the force and saw Vader, they attacked! Vader couldn’t even make it out of the door to the training arena! The Jedi beat him back and beat him down! Let’s hear it for the Light Side!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Christmas Lights of Ridley Heights

So my kiddos were in our church’s Christmas play…all of them! I do didn’t see this coming. Faithfully, they went to all the practices and we listened to the music on the CD more times than I’d like to talk about and they knew their song and lines. And so without further ado…here are our 2 sheep and a shepherd: